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Welcome From Post Adjutant

Welcome to AMVETS Post 176

Welcome to our newest venture in presenting our post to the public. We are pleased you took the time to stop by and look us over. We are veterans or active duty of the US Military, but we are much more than that. We have a strong group of supporters in our Ladies Auxiliary, Sons, and Riders. Together we are a strong group with an interest to supporting our active duty, veterans, and families.

We provide a location for all of you to meet and socialize. In addition, we hold a variety of events. These help support the post as well as show the public our dedication to support and patriotism.

As Adjutant, my duties focus on recording the minutes of Post meetings and Post correspondence.

Our Post is at 3944 Wheatley Road Richfield Ohio. We look forward to seeing you.

Bruce Hestley (USN)
AMVETS Post 176

Welcome from the 2nd Vice-Commander

I hope you enjoy the site! We have designed it so that it is informative and interactive. I want people involved and I know that it can be hard to physically get to a Post, this should help. I am a OIF Veteran and was drawn to the AMVETS because of the community atmosphere at the Post. At first, I knew nothing about the AMVETS but quickly learned that they have many resources. It is different from the VFW in that they have the community of Ladies Auxiliary, Sons Of, Riders, and the social members.

I am currently in the ARMY Reserves and when I deploy I know that the members of the post will take care of my family because the AMVETS  are like an extension of my family. My home unit is not close to where I live so the Unit’s Family Readiness Group can only do so much for them. Here at the post, they have so many accessible resources, they can provide the assistance that is most needed.

As Second Vice-Commander, I am responsible for the health and welfare of our members. I am honored to have this job. After completing two tours overseas and looking at a third, I fully realize the need for a support group. More important than that, the family needs a support group. The family is the backbone of ANY military service member. The AMVETS support  my family.

It is my hope that this site helps people connect. Veterans/ families/ and friends are welcomed here. I also hope that those in need will get the help that they deserve. Being a Veteran, deploying and even being away from training can be tough. Use this support group to take some of the burden off.  Reach out even if it is to just make contact. Join us for one of our events. Sometimes just being a part of something fun can make all the difference in the world.